Highly Educated 14/18 Duali Ti & Quartz Hybrid Domeless Nail


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New Highly Educated Titatium machined quartz accessories have come to market. The first release is the Quartz Titanium Hybrid Dualiti domeless nail created by combining a titanium H-Adapter body with the V1 quartz dish attachment. These two accessories are connected by a ti fastener.

Highly Educated quartz accessories are machined from semiconductor grade GE 234 fused quartz in the United States and is 99.9% pure. Quartz dish attachment is compatible with V2 Carb Caps, UniTi Caps & PartiCaps and is torch and flat coil e-nail compatible.
DualiTi Quartz Titanium Hybrid Features:

Compatible with 14mm & 18mm male glass joints
Compatible carb caps: V2 carb caps, UniTi caps & PartiCaps
Quartz dish attachment is torch and flat coil e-nail compatible
Dish design: standard dish
100% American quartz
Titanium material: Grade 2 titanium
Logo: engraved HE -H- adapter with Highly Educated logo
Polished easy to clean surface
Made in USA

14/18mm Quartz Titanium Hybrid Includes:

1 x 14/18mm titanium H-Adapter
1 x V1 Quartz dish Attachment
1 x Ti fastener